Antioxidants and The Benefits

The search for sources of food with antioxidant properties, and shows that have water ionizers alkaline water to create those properties identified. But what is antioxidants?In short, is an antioxidant, something that affects or stop oxidation. Oxidation is a chemical reaction, the oxygen atoms are used to something new (something often destructive) to create. These oxidants, or "free radicals" are missing an electron, which are very unstable, always trying to replace its missing electron from another molecule in order to avoid contact. If you fly to another molecule, a new radical missing an electron, and the reaction continues. Examples:

At the level of human cells, a metabolic process that oxygen can lead to the creation of hydrogen peroxide can be used. During the metabolic processes in the body may be normal, is the excessive production of free radicals, tissues and cells, the less damage, allowing disease and premature aging. You may have seen a piece of iron left to the elements that cause rust. Rust is the oxidation of oxygen combine with other molecules. With nothing to stop it, destroys the effect of oxidation of iron over time.

Free radicals have shown that opening the door to a variety of diseases such as cancer, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and others. Now I understand why antioxidants are important to our health!

Although free radicals is an essential part of our immune system, bacteria, acid-containing foods and beverages, environmental pollution, kill snuff, things are just part of everyday life can be positive role by producing more compensation. As a good antioxidant agitation of oxidants in our system? In short, you can donate an electron to a free radical, even without a free radical, neutralizing their production. Supply of antioxidants, such as certain fruits, vegetables, nuts, tea, vitamins and minerals, wine, chocolate and black ionized alkaline water to restore the balance of our vital systems. The balance ended rampant oxidation and degeneration that we call aging.

Ionizers also reduce the H2O clusters in size by half. Small groups are more stable and it was suggested that this structure allows for better assimilation into the cells, which hydrates the body faster. Among the small groups and a high antioxidant properties, water, acid may reduce, to help carry oxygen in the blood that fights free radicals in the blood, toxins, cells, engage in essential minerals hydrate the body more effectively fight against aging and improve your immune system.