Basic diet tips for bodybuilders

It's common knowledge that a well-balanced diet will do wonders in the gym. Your body needs building material if you want to get bigger muscles. There are numerous diet tips and nutrition plans online, but be wary when researching and don't implement every advice you read but validate them first. When planning your diet you must be sure that your nutrition plan matches your goal, different body expectations will need different diets.


Never skip breakfast! Your body is still in sleep mode so if you start the day with carbohydrates it will speed up your metabolism and get your body into an anabolic state (this is when your body builds muscles). Try eating as often as you can every 2-3 hours, or 5 to even 7 meals a day; this will keep your blood sugar levels constant, keep your digestive tract in check, help with nutrient absorption and even help you lose that leftover belly fat. One of the problems with this many meals is that they are very time-consuming; luckily meal replacement shakes can be used to conquer this problem. Also, don't wolf down your food; by chewing your food well you will absorb more nutrients.

Stay hydrated

Thirst is the first sign of dehydration; don't wait to become thirsty instead drink water during the whole day. This is the biggest mistakes bodybuilders make, so carry a water bottle everywhere you go to ensure you stay hydrated. Water speeds up your metabolism, it effects strength, cools you down, keeps your skin youthful and so much more. Heavy exercise makes the body lose more than 2 liters an hour. So, you must make sure that you drink at least from 1-1.5 liters of water for every hour you exercise.

Variety in diet

Try making your diet as diverse as possible. If you only eat poultry and pork, you will be depriving your body of healthy neutrinos found in fish, veal, or lamb. Don't cut out fat completely, it takes longer to digest and provides you with more energy than other neutrinos. Many bodybuilder dismiss the importance of fruits and vegetables but they contain important mineral, antioxidants and fibers. Studies have shown that fibers from fruit are connected with lowered heard disease. Food rich in fiber helps with slowing down digestion and so prevents sudden rise in blood sugar levels.

The importance of glutamine

Glutamine is an aminoacid found in muscles thathelps with protein metabolism, cell volumizing, keeping your body in an anabolic state and helps with growth hormone secretion. In hospitals patients whose bodies are exhausted or in a life-threatening state are given nutrients like glutamineto speed up their recovery. Glutamine is important for maintaining your immune system, and when you work out your glutamine levels fall so bodybuilders are more susceptible to illness. Glutamine doesn't help you gain more muscle but it helps you keep your body in an anabolic state. Also, glutamine supplementation reduces inflammation from working out, protects cells from harmful materials produced while training stimulates digestion, and helps metabolize sugar.