Why Do Teeth Seem to Darken With Age?

The colour difference between false teeth and an individual's natural teeth colour can appear to be changing over time. This is especially true if a person's natural teeth are lighter because of previous dental cleaning or bleaching, or darker due to stains or decay. In addition, dentures may wear away, chip or stain as well as develop small fractures over time. Today, denturists have the capability to amend the look of smiles and gum tissues in an attempt to fully compliment existing teeth colour or skin tone.

In many cases, teeth will seem darker with older age since plaque begins to build up faster and in larger amounts as a person gets older. Change indenture fitted may also cause teeth to start looking a little bit darker as well. For difficult to remove denture residue it is best to gargle with warm or hot salt water. The warmth of the water is beneficial to the effectiveness of this procedure, but you should only go as warm as is bearable. Subsequently, you will then use a washcloth as you begin to gently rub against your teeth, gums and the roof parts of your mouth. The reason why a wash towel is important to the procedure is that it is the wash cloth that will help loosen some of the denture glue and also serve as a material that the adhesive will easily latch onto. Once you complete your gargling and wipe you teach with the wash cloth, you ought to wish you mouth with warm water or mouthwash to rinse.

Teeth darken with age

Age can lead to many issues regarding the health of a person's teeth. Bone shrinkage leads to the denture becoming loose, losing strength, and becoming less functional. This can lead to slips while eating as well as during speaking, which can be very embarrassing. Part of natural aging involves changes in complexion, lips, and even facial muscles. These can all affect the function and appearance of your false teeth. Other factors that affect the appearance of dentures includes oral hygiene habits, drinking coffee or tea, and of course uses of tobacco products.